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Peaceful Living

This site is for people who want to live their lives peacefully and nonviolently and could use some support, inspiration or a gentle (nonviolent) kick up the rear. Here you will find some of my own experiences (past and present), things that inspire me, general musings and practical things I find especially useful. I’ve chosen to write this in a blog format as it’s ‘work-in-progress’ and constantly changing and developing.

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Quantum Learning

Originally I chose the name just because I liked the sound of it.

It’s that simple!

‘… quantum mechanics, … is regarded by virtually every professional physicist as the most fundamental framework we have for understanding and describing nature at the infinitesimal level, for the very practical reason that it works. It is “in the nature of things”, not a more or less arbitrary human preference.’ (Wikipedia)

I personally believe that peace and nonviolence are in our nature – and living it means applying it in all the small things we do in life. Even the heroes of nonviolence such as Gandhi, King or Mandela emphasised nonviolence in our thoughts, actions, words, silence, relationships, work - everything that makes up our daily lives.

I also believe that violence is learned – and so can be un-learned.

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For me, ‘Quantum Learning’ means to learn how to live in our true compassionate nature.

What is ‘peace as a lifestyle’?

Maybe you have your own definition.

For me, it means an intention to live my life in a way that:

I care equally about my needs and the needs of others.

It does NOT mean passivity or avoiding conflict but means:

searching for ways to meet our needs without use of force.

This may not always possible, so there may be times when force is needed – but only to protect and serve life, never to punish.

It means expressing myself honestly (without criticising) and giving my full attention to others (without wanting to change them or ‘fix’ them).

I’m not going to claim that I’ve got the answers, or even all the questions. I’m not holding myself out as an expert or a role model. As you will discover as these pages develop, I’m still learning and I’m not always close to how I want to be living.

I am committed to this way of life.

I see it as a lifetime journey, not a destination. Each small step I take towards peace through nonviolence makes a contribution (however tiny) to our evolution as a species. It’s a step out of the destructive and into the creative flow of life.

Both violence and nonviolence are realities of our existence and choosing a nonviolent life is my way to remind myself that I have a choice in each and every moment.

Peaceful living for all

I’m in no way unusual or special.

In many ways I’m privileged.

I haven’t lived in extreme poverty nor directly experienced war or physical violence.

There are, though, plenty of individuals who choose peace and nonviolence even when living in the middle of appalling deprivation and amongst the violence of others.

It’s a choice .. and I believe it’s a choice everyone can make.

And the more that people choose peace as a way of life, the more we build a world where everyone’s needs can be met.

All it needs is a personal decision.

My aim with the site is to to explore what this decision means and how to put into day to day to life.

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