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About Me

My name is Ian Peatey.

I was born in 1963 in London, UK and I’m the eldest of 3. I grew up in High Wycombe – a smallish town about 50km west of London. Since 1994 I live in Warsaw Poland, though I travel a lot. Since the start of 2009 I spend about half the month in Bucharest, Romania with my wife and 2 dogs and the other half in Warsaw with my youngest daughter (it’s complicated).

Increasingly I find that these type of basic facts say so little about who I am.

My story, my past surely created (and continues to create) the person I am. Yet I’m constantly changing, moment by moment. Thoughts and feelings come and go. Some come back regularly while others flash past and are gone. Of course my past experiences, upbringing, education, cultural conditioning and current environment all combine to influence who I am right now.

Auresoil skuteczny olejek do uszu




But I always have choices.

Choices about how to react, what to do and how to be right now. Choices about the actions I take to create my future and participate in the lives of others.

I’ve found many great methods and approaches to peace, nonviolence, self development and improvement over the years. My favourites are Nonviolent Communication (NVC), Family and Systemic Constellations, ‘The Work’ of Byron Katie and Big Mind/Big Heart. I’m constantly looking for new approaches to learn from.

I’m a Certified Trainer in NVC as it’s a method I absolutely adore for the positive impact it continues to have on my life. I rarely write directly about NVC as I prefer a more complete and holistic approach to come through in these pages. I will say, however, that the principles and application of NVC sit underneath most of what I write about.

If you want to learn more about NVC (and meet me!) then you might consider signing up for one of my workshops – just send me an Email and I can tell you more. Alternatively, I highly recommend the E-learning course run by the NVC Academy. I love their work but have no direct connection with them. I do get a small commission if you decide to sign up for any of their paid E-courses.

I’m usually pretty good at replying to Email if you want to contact me.

Email Ian

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